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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications

Anchor Bronze & Metals, Inc. supplies OEM and repair companies with Continuous Cast Bronze & Wrought Copper Alloys for numerous hydraulic and pneumatic applications such as:

  • Cylinder Rod Bushings

  • Clevis Bearings

  • Hydraulic Gear Pump Wear Plates

  • Piston Pump Cylinder Liners

  • Piston Pump Cylinder Heads

  • Piston Rings

  • Valve Bodies

  • Fittings

  • Bushings

  • Alloys for fusion bonding steel

Continuous Cast Bearing Bronze (C93200) and Aluminum Bronze (C95400-C95500) are available for rod bushings.

Manganese Bronze (C67300) and fusion-bonded tin bronze (C93700) are available for piston Pump cylinder liners and wear surfaces.

For Cylinder Heads, Valve Bodies & Fittings, high strength bronzes are available, such as C94700 HT, C95500 and C92900. While having the strength and hardness of steel, these alloys are excellent bearing materials.

Continuous Cast Ductile Iron and Gray Iron is available in solid diameters, tubes, rectangles and squares to fit a variety of hydraulic & pneumatic applications.

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