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Modern continuous casting techniques allow for a fine grain alloy structure and reduced segregation, thereby greatly improving casting strength. Fine grain copper alloys, developed for nuclear and aerospace uses, are now available for commercial applications.


The fine grain continuous cast process offers many advantages over conventional cast products. The extreme fineness and uniformity of the cast structure permit more severe forming and machining operations. Fine grain continuous cast bars and tubes are easier to micro finish and result in longer life for bearings, gears, and other copper alloy parts.

Fine Grain Transverse Section

Fine Grain Longitudinal Section

fine grain bronze

Conventional Transverse Section

Conventional Longitudinal Section

cast bronze longitudinal

When fine grain continuous cast bars and tubes are specified, engineers, buyers, and producers are asking for and getting, the best cast structure available.


  • Enhanced mechanical properties

  • Easier to machine

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance

  • Consistent dispersion of elements

  • Better response to heat treatment

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