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Continuous cast Gray Iron contains flake graphite in matrix structures that range from all pearlite to pearlite plus ferrite. The matrix structure will influence machinability, strength, hardness and wear characteristics. In general, a fully pearlitic matrix will have the best mechanical properties and will be readily machinable. Bars containing ferrite in the matrix will be easier to machine but will be lower in strength and wear resistance.


Continuous cast Ductile Iron contains nodular graphite in a matrix of pearlite and ferrite. The spheroidal shaped graphite maximizes the strength of cast iron. The ratio of ferrite to pearlite in the matrix varies in each of the three grades in order to produce the required tensile and yield strengths and elongation properties. The nodular graphite provides the same free machining benefits as lead (steel) without the machining and waste disposal problems.

Dura-Bar G2 Pearlitic Gray Iron

Dura-Bar 65-45-12 Ductile Iron

Dura-Bar 80-55-06 Ductile Iron

Available Sizes for Bar & Plate:

Solid Round Diameters: Up to and including 20" diameter.

Tube Diameters: 1-1/2" inside diameter x 3" outside diameter through
7" inside diameter x 9" outside diameter.

Rectangles: 1" thick x 2" wide through 7-1/2" thick x 20-1/2" wide.
Squares: 3" through 10" square.

Special Shapes: Up to 10" in cross section thickness

dura-bar continuous cast iron
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