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Anchor Bronze maintenance-free expansion bearing plates are designed to minimize stresses from thermal expansion and seismic activity. We offer several alloys which are approved for structural, industrial and bridge applications. Our bearing plates are lubricated with a Teflon PTFE fiber plugs that are pressed into the geometrically-grooved surface of the bronze. This creates a firm mechanical lock between the teflon fabric and the substrate, providing very high shear resistance at the fabric/substrate interface. Our bronze expansion plates meet specification ASTM B22 for use in bridges, turntables and other structures for fixed and expansion bearings.

Teflon fiber is unaffected by weathering, moisture and severe chemical reagents. There are significant benefits in the bearing properties of teflon fibers compared to teflon resin. Teflon fiber has demonstrated exceptional stability in intermittent application at temperature extremes of 425 degrees F and -100 Degrees F. The performance of bearing plate actually improves as the loads and temperatures increase, providing a built-in safeguard against overloading. Technical data sheet are available upon request.

Flat bearing plates are used for longitudinal and transverse movement under compressive loads. Bearing plates can be fastened with machine screws or fixed in place with welded steel nesting bars. Radial bearing plates have both a curved radial surface and a flat surface. Either surface or both surfaces can be lubricated. Radial surfaces can be either concave or convex. The radial surface, installed with a matching curved mating plate, is designed to permit deflection and rotation. The flat surface will accommodate linear expansion and contraction.

bronze radial expansion bearing
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bronze expansion bearing slide plates
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