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Anchor Bronze & Metals offers a complete line of cast bronze bearings and slide plates. Cast bronze sleeve bearings, flange bearings, and custom parts are available with oil grooves or grease grooves. Maintenance-free self-lubricating bronze bearings with graphite filled grooves or graphite plugs are available.

Oil Grooves & Grease Grooves
bronze bushings oil grooves
bronze bearings grease grooves

Grease grooves are typically wider and deeper than oil grooves. This is to hold a supply of grease and to provide for the thick grease to be forced in. Oil grooves typically vary in width but are shallower than grease grooves. Most oil grooves are operating in a constant loss or closed oiling system that continually feeds the less viscous oil to the grooves. Double loop groove & double figure eight groove recommended for grease only.

Graphite Filled Grooves & Plugs
graphite bronze bushings

Wear Plate with Graphite Plugs

Bronze Wear Plate with Graphite Plugs
Maintenance-Free bronze bearings with graphite filled grooves and graphite plugs are available. The graphite acts as a dry lubricant and provides maintenance-free continuous lubrication. The ID groove patterns can be filled with a special hardenable graphite paste. Graphite Plugs can be press fit through the wall of the bearing with a special epoxy resin binder. Typical plug diameter is 7mm with a 25% surface coverage. The graphite plugs can be placed around special features of your parts. Graphite bronze parts should be run dry with no oil or grease. Our graphite plug bearings typically have a coefficient of friction between 0.10 and 0.15, depending on a variety of factors affecting performance.
bronze bushings
bronze bearings with graphite plugs
bronze slide plate
bronze thrust washer
bronze bushing
bronze sleeve bearing
bronze flange bushing
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