Anchor Bronze & Metals specializes in continuous cast bronze, centrifugal castingswrought copper alloys, made to order copper alloys, copper alloy forgingsfinished machine parts and Dura-Bar continuous cast Iron. Power transmission, fluid transport, aerospace, drilling and shipbuilding along with the general manufacturing sector have profited from the reliability and economy of our products.

Cast Bronze
Continuous Cast Bar, Tube & Plate available in Bearing Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze & Made to Order Alloys
Wrought Naval Brass, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Silicon Bronze and Copper Nickel Alloys
Centrifugal Castings available in Bearing Bronze, Aluminum Bronze & Manganese Bronze
Oxygen-Free Copper, RWMA Class 2 Chromium Copper & Class 3 Beryllium Copper
Finished Parts
Bronze Bearings, Wear Plates & Finished Machine Parts to your drawings
Dura-Bar Iron
Dura-Bar Continuous Cast Iron Bar & Plate. Available in G2 Class 40 Gray Iron, 60-45-12 Ductile Iron and 80-55-06 Ductile Iron
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Anchor Bronze & Metals has a qualified support team. We are available to assist you with the design of your bronze components. We can save you time and money in research, design and production costs. Please send us your enquiry for a prompt reply.

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