Anchor Bronze offers oil impregnated sintered bronze bearings, cored bars, solid bars, and plates. Our sintered bronze products conform to ASTM recommended dimensions and tolerances. This bronze is approximately 20% porous by volume. After forming, sintering and sizing, the bar stock is vacuum impregnated with SAE 30 oil. Oil impregnated sintered bronze bearings and slide plates will function satisfactorily in temperatures ranging from 10ºF to 220ºF. 


Comparable specifications are:


  • ASTM Standard:     ASTM B438 Grade 1, Type 2 

  • Military Standard:   MIL-B-5687D Type 1, Grade 1

  • AMS Standard:       AMS 4805 

  • SAE Standard:        SAE 841


Oil Impregnated Sintered Bronze is powdered metal that is formed in a press. The maximum length for solid round bar and cored bar is 6-1/2" long. The maximum length for plate is 12" long. These lengths are the standard throughout the industry. These sintered bronze bars and plates are ideal for short production runs. If you require approximately 1,000 or more parts, in most cases, it is more economical to produce the parts by the same forming process rather than machine from bar. If you require a larger quantity of bearings, please e-mail us your part drawings for a quote.

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